Selecting Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

All kitchen and bathroom remodeling ventures should include choosing the best water taps. These should be selected with just as much care and consideration as other parts of the bathroom and kitchen. Taps are available in many finishes and styles so it can be a bit challenging to find just the perfect ones for your home. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, there will be taps that will accomplish it.

The first part of your choice will most likely be whether you want traditional taps or modern ones. There are mixer taps that fit in with all designs whether they’re sleek modern architecture or more traditional. You’ll find curvy to geometric designs or a combination of both that will enhance the mood of your rooms. There are also traditional ones with cross heads that have been modernized. With so many to choose from, you may become somewhat frazzled.

Selecting Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

Selecting Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

Trying to find a tap that’s both functional and practical will be very important in the selection process. Mixer taps are perfect for either kitchen or bathroom, and you can get them with single or dual lever controls. This ensures constant water flow and temperature. When you choose traditional bathroom taps, you get an elegant and subtle mix of modern times and days gone by. These come with ceramic accents that make a design statement.

With kitchen taps, you need to incorporate your designer taps with the rest the styles you’re using to remodel your kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen carries a theme of kitchen appliances, stainless steel and other modern furniture, you don’t want to use a traditional tap. The look will be unbalanced. In this case, you may want to choose a trendy minimalist design to complete your modern atmosphere. If your kitchen has gone country, complete with a rustic look, you’ll want to go with a more traditional style of tap.

Since most kitchens have stainless steel sinks, you’ll find a wide variety of taps in both metallic and colored finishes that will set off your design quite tastefully. Once you know the finish you want, all that’s left is deciding whether you want independent water flow or a single lever to deliver the water into your sink.

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Steps of Installing a Portable Air Conditioner

Are you unsure of how to install your portable air conditioner? Many of them should come with an instruction manual but just in case you didn’t get one or your manual does not give you clear advice then read the step by step instructions below.

Steps of installing a portable air conditioner

First let’s discuss a bit more about portable air conditioners. To start, they are great to have for those hot summer days. They would replace an AC in your home that is currently not working or if you don’t have AC in your home then you can buy the portable air conditioner.

You should know that portable air conditioners are not too expensive; they are quite affordable and there are a number of different brands to choose from. You don’t have to worry about breaking down any walls to install it or permanently installing them somewhere. They are portable which means that you can remove them if needed or move it to another room, etc.

Now for the steps that will help you properly and successfully install your portable air conditioner.


If you haven’t already take all of the parts for your portable air conditioner out of the box, and make sure that all of the parts that you need are there. You will need to let your AC unit sit for about an hour so that the refrigerant can settle since it was handled often from the packing and shipping it went through; even if you buy it from a local store you should do this.


View over the manual that your air conditioner unit came with. Look for all of the hose and exhaust parts that come with it. Contact the company and ask for replacement parts if anything is missing or return the one you bought to the store and exchange it.


Gather the exhaust hose and any other connecting pieces and make sure that they are properly and securely placed where they are supposed to go on the air conditioner.


Connect the window sliders as instructed.


Lift the window up and place the portable unit accordingly to how your window opens. Close the window until you can see that the kit properly and firmly fits into place.


The exhaust hose that you connected in step three should be attached to the other end of the air conditioner.


Extend the unit about 2 feet from the window so that you can adjust the exhaust hose. Connect the side that isn’t connected to the right socket.


Plug the unit in with the power cord. Press the reset button if the unit has one. Set the temperature and you’re done!

The Proper Way to Clean your Hardwood Floors

Remember back when you first had your hardwood floor done? Or perhaps you moved into a house with hardwood floors and could not resist the shine and rich color that true wood flooring has. Unfortunately improper cleaning and maintenance can cause wood floors to be lackluster and faded in color. This can actually detract from the look of a home rather than enhance it and many homeowners may be more than frustrated if this is the case.

So what do you do if your once magnificent wood floors that have now faded? Well clean them and shine them of course; however you need to be careful because you can actually damage your solid hardwood flooring further if you go about this the wrong way.

The Proper Way to Clean your Hardwood Floors

The Proper Way to Clean your Hardwood Floors

First things first, never use a floor cleaner that is oil based on your wood floor especially if it has been finished with a polyurethane coating. The cleaner can easily remove the coating and ruin the shine of your floor! Instead just use a damp mop to clean it! If it is really dirty and needs a good washing then use a little hardwood floor cleaner on it though a damp mop is good for most occasions.

Next, you want your floor to shine like brand new! Thankfully you can restore an old dull floor to its former glory without having to hire a professional. All you need to do is ensure that your floor is cleaned off first (no dust or dirt) then go purchase yourself some wax or polish for your floor. Once you have your wax or polish you need to completely cover the entire floor with it starting in one corner and moving outward. Take your time and get each board then let the polish or wax sit undisturbed for the recommended period of time (it will vary depending on the product).

While the waxing and polishing process takes quite a while to do by hand, you will see an amazing transformation in your floor. The shine and color will be like new and those painstakingly long hours you spent polishing the floor will be long forgotten as you marvel at what appears to be a completely new hardwood floor beneath your feet!

Proper maintenance and care will ensure that your hard wood floors maintain their beauty throughout the years. Since your floor will add a significant financial boost as well as visual boost to your home, you need to take proper care of it so be sure to wax and polish it when necessary!