Bedroom Furniture Style Guide for 2012

If you’re planning on revamping the “most important room in the home” this year, then you’ll need to keep up with this years’ must have trends. One way to achieve this is by commissioning your own bespoke bedroom furniture designs.

Whether it’s the ability of such furniture to reduce clutter and make the most of every inch of available space, or instead simply the strong aesthetics, we think you ought to be sufficiently convinced of the reasons to abandon more traditional, free-standing furniture.

Bedroom Furniture Style Guide

Bedroom Furniture Style Guide

Nonetheless, bespoke bedroom furniture offers greater versatility than you might think when it comes to achieving the desired style for your bedroom.

Go for the traditional look…

Few styles of bespoke bedroom furniture evoke the finest of the past quite as much as classic traditional wood style furniture, which features pleasingly deep solid wood drawers and cabinets, along with smooth elegant lines, as part of a scheme that emphasises the greatest attention to detail.

Or perhaps you’d appreciate the combination of style of more classic white painted furniture, which offers the necessary subtlety and unmistakably understated style.

…or instead opt for more modern aesthetics

But of course, it’s also undeniable that the sharp, clean lines of fitted bedroom furniture also lend themselves well to more contemporary styles.

Such styles include furniture with the most striking high gloss colours, from black or white to cappuccino, cream or red, all of which add an invaluable vibrancy to your bedroom space. Or maybe you’d prefer the dramatic design statement in bedroom furniture, which incorporates your chosen colour in a contemporary glass finish?

There’s something for everyone!

Don’t forget that when you opt for bespoke bedroom furniture you can work closely with designers to create a design and style that is designed specifically to accomplish your interior design aspirations and one that offers the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary design elements. If you have an idea for a specific space in your bedroom, you can easily put this into practice.

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