Front Loading vs Top Loading Washing Machine

Quite frequently people simply cannot decide which one to purchase: front loading or top loading washing machine. There are people who consider top loaders the best one, while others are totally committed to their front loader washing machine.

In this article you’ll find information on the two types of machines, with their benefits, which will hopefully help you to make a wise decision.

Front Loading vs Top Loading Washing Machine

Front Loading vs Top Loading Washing Machine

Top Loading Washing Machines

With some time, when front loading washing machines were not widely available, these were the absolute bestsellers. There was no household without a top loader washer at a certain period of time.

A top loading washer comes with a number of main benefits:

  1.   Affordable price;
  2.   Clothes are easily loaded into the washer;
  3.   Quick laundry washing cycle;

However, there are also disadvantages associated with a top loading washer:

  1.   The agitator leads to increased wear and tear in your clothes;
  2.   It has higher water and electricity consumption, thus, it is not very energy efficient.

Front Loading Washing Machines

These machines represent a viable alternative for people who want to purchase a different washing machine. Front loading washers are becoming more and more popular, as they present several advantages:

  1. Superior water conservation ability;
  2. Economics and smaller design;
  3. Sleek and enhanced appearance.

A front loading washer has superior energy saving capability. It will use about 60% less electricity and water (for the same amount of clothes) as compared to a typical top loader. As the machine is used numerous times in a year, the money you save on water and electricity are quite significant.

However, keep in mind that front loading washers are rather expensive. Additionally, people with various back problems will found it difficult to use. Such washers also have longer wash cycles and might not have the same effectiveness (in terms of washing clothes) as their top loader counterparts.

Still, it is not simple to choose between the two types of washing machines. Choose a front loading washer if you are determined to save money on electricity and water. A top loader washing machine is the right machine for you, if you have problems with your spine. Regardless of your final option, just make sure you have carefully analyzed all the benefits and disadvantages of both washing machines.

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