Garden Fencing Versus A Hedge Or Bush

We tend to live in a world these days where we prefer privacy from the many teams of burglars and thieves we all seem to think are waiting to break into our property. Long gone are the 3 foot fence panels between properties where neighbours could talk and pass the time of day.

As you look to build to the 2 m maximum allowed by local authorities, should use choose to fill the whole area with fence panels or maybe a large hedge or bush?

Garden Fencing Versus A Hedge Or Bush

Garden Fencing Versus A Hedge Or Bush

What options do you have?

Any fence you place on the border of your property for privacy, can block all those unwanted views, but what of your view? Do you want to look at fence panels, chain-link fencing or a more natural set of shrubs and bushes?

Shrubs and bushes might provide a garden hedge that changes with the seasons, something garden fencing cannot achieve. Planting a selection of bushes might help to create a new habitat instead of a wooden barrier.

If you go down the traditional route of using fence panels, you could select picket fencing, but full board fences are the most popular option as they completely block out up to 2 m of view, from either side. If your garden is particularly large, fence panels may become an expensive garden fencing option, but chain-link fencing, while appropriate in a larger garden, won’t provide you with the privacy you require.

You could choose to build a wall two meters high, using a selection of masonry, old or new bricks or concrete blocks and cement filled stones, which can be laid on top of each other to provide an authentic English countryside look.

A garden hedge will help protect against any soil erosion and they will take excess water from your land to reduce the chances of flooding. If you don’t maintain and treat your wood fences properly, they won’t last as long as a garden hedge, but the garden hedge can take time to grow and if you grow one of the fast growing leylandi varieties, you will need to regularly trim the top of your garden hedge each time it tries to exceed its 2 m limit.

What about maintenance?

Hedges will require regular maintenance which will involve trimming and watering in the dry seasons. If you use a garden hedge which involves thorny or prickly branches, you will double up on the deterrent for people trying to break into your property.

If you use fence panels to make up the majority of your garden fencing, at least you are providing an instant privacy protection for your property. Some garden hedges will take 2 to 3 years to reach a reasonable height and many will need constant trimming to help them bush out so the burglars don’t have an easy way in.

You could of course use both fence panels and a garden hedge as your first line of defense. You can place the fence panels around the perimeter of your property and plants shrubs and bushes just inside your fence panels to provide a more natural feel to your garden.

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