Having Issues with your Tumble Dryer?

Dryer malfunctions are incredibly common and can occur even in relatively newer models. Because tumble dryers require a variety of complex parts working together, one tiny issue can render the entire dryer useless. So if your tumble dryer is having some problems – don’t panic just yet! Most of the problems are minor and can easily be repaired yourself.

If you open up your dryer and take a look inside you may feel a bit overwhelmed because of how confusing it may look. Fortunately this is normal and you just need to familiarize yourself with the various parts that pertain to the malfunction.

Having Issues with your Tumble Dryer

Having Issues with your Tumble Dryer

So, before you even begin messing around with your dryer, you need to unplug it. Once all of the power to the dryer is cut off you can then take a putty knife and use it to open the top and side panels if your dryer doesn’t have unfasten clips. Now you can stand back and look inside for the problems.

Your tumble dryer can have a variety of problems and not all of them can be fixed though below are two of the most common issues you may experience:

Just not working at all – the repairs for this problem can range from simple to complex depending on the cause. Sometimes it’s just a broken door handle which causes the safety mechanism to prevent the dryer from working – in this case you simply need to purchase a new handle and replace it! If it is actually an issue where your dryer is not receiving electricity you will have to check the fuses and see if a fuse is damaged or destroyed or even check to see if your dryer is getting a current from the power cord.

No heat – if your dryer is running but not heating up your laundry you will have to test to see if the circuits and fuses are both working properly. Since there is usually one fuse and circuit for the motor and one fuse and circuit for the heat then you need to check both. Though if you have a gas dryer your problem may lay in a faulty ignition which is a quick and simple replacement.

If you are attempting to fix your tumble dryer yourself you will need the parts to do so. Thankfully there are a variety of places to buy parts and many offers a massive range of tumble dryer spares. Check here to see the range of creda tumble dryer spare parts or check your local wholesale appliance parts store for the parts you need!

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