Picking the Right Location for a Sandbox at Home

When building a sandbox for your children, the most important thing to consider is its placement. This has to be decided before you even settle on the size of it. Here are a few tips on deciding the placement of your sandbox:

1. Envision in your mind exactly what you want the sandbox to look like and where you see it around your home. That would be the first place to go.

2. Use your common sense to assess your environment and eliminate certain areas. For instance, don’t put a sand box under a tree that springs fruit, nuts, or pinecones. When these get into the sandbox, it creates clutter, attracts bugs, and can potentially harm small children. If you want to place it under any tree to provide shade on a hot day, that isn’t a bad idea, but be warned that when the leaves of the tree die and fall off, you will have to keep things cleaned out. A sand strainer should be able to do the trick.

Sandbox at Home

Sandbox at Home

You will also want to place your sandbox on a flat surface. Putting your sandbox on a hill is never a smart idea. Nor is placing your sandbox in the same fenced in area of a rowdy puppy that could get in it and toss out dirt, or worse, bury fecal matter or dead rodents.

3. Choose a place that is easy to get to with a wheel barrow. You will need to refill your children’s sandbox every now and then, so be sure that you take the accessibility of your location into consideration.

Remember that Summer months can become almost excruciatingly hot depending on where you live. So be sure that there is some form of shade available over the sandpit. If you would prefer not to handle the debris from the trees, then you can devise your own shade-offering structures.

For instance, if the sandbox isn’t too large, you can install a large parasol in the center. This will also help keep the sandbox from overflowing during rainy seasons, and most of the time, children will find a way to incorporate it into games. No child wants to play in a hot sandbox.

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