Steps of Installing a Portable Air Conditioner

Are you unsure of how to install your portable air conditioner? Many of them should come with an instruction manual but just in case you didn’t get one or your manual does not give you clear advice then read the step by step instructions below.

Steps of installing a portable air conditioner

First let’s discuss a bit more about portable air conditioners. To start, they are great to have for those hot summer days. They would replace an AC in your home that is currently not working or if you don’t have AC in your home then you can buy the portable air conditioner.

You should know that portable air conditioners are not too expensive; they are quite affordable and there are a number of different brands to choose from. You don’t have to worry about breaking down any walls to install it or permanently installing them somewhere. They are portable which means that you can remove them if needed or move it to another room, etc.

Now for the steps that will help you properly and successfully install your portable air conditioner.


If you haven’t already take all of the parts for your portable air conditioner out of the box, and make sure that all of the parts that you need are there. You will need to let your AC unit sit for about an hour so that the refrigerant can settle since it was handled often from the packing and shipping it went through; even if you buy it from a local store you should do this.


View over the manual that your air conditioner unit came with. Look for all of the hose and exhaust parts that come with it. Contact the company and ask for replacement parts if anything is missing or return the one you bought to the store and exchange it.


Gather the exhaust hose and any other connecting pieces and make sure that they are properly and securely placed where they are supposed to go on the air conditioner.


Connect the window sliders as instructed.


Lift the window up and place the portable unit accordingly to how your window opens. Close the window until you can see that the kit properly and firmly fits into place.


The exhaust hose that you connected in step three should be attached to the other end of the air conditioner.


Extend the unit about 2 feet from the window so that you can adjust the exhaust hose. Connect the side that isn’t connected to the right socket.


Plug the unit in with the power cord. Press the reset button if the unit has one. Set the temperature and you’re done!

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