The Choice of Door Handle

When people start planning for a complete makeover of their home, there are many things that need to be considered. Deciding on what colours will feature in a room is the first thing that will be done.

The second will, more than likely, be determining which furniture and what decorative accessories will be displayed. However, one commonly overlooked element is that of door handles. Whenever a home is given a face lift, it is always worth considering what changes need to be made to fittings and practical; fittings around the house.

The Choice of Door Handle

The Choice of Door Handle

Everyone wants their home to be an example of perfection and strives to find the perfect finishing touches to their designs. Carefully selecting handles for front, back and room doors along with cupboard and drawers will help to make your home look clean, polished and consistent.

It is advisable to shop around before making a decision as to which handles will feature in your home. Due to the amount of choice available, a home owner is never sure that they have the best deal until they have browsed online sites and hard ware stores.

There are many different materials that are used to make door handles. They include:

  1. Chrome
  2. Brass
  3. Stainless Steel
  4. Porcelain
  5. Glass
  6. Crystal
  7. Leather

Depending on what look is wishing to be obtained, there is a handle to suit the purpose. Chrome, stainless steel and brass are all popular choices amongst interior designers and home owners. Easy to clean and maintain, this type of handle would be perfect if featured in a modern and spacious environment.

Porcelain, glass and crystal will all add a timeless and classic element to a home but will also require extensive maintenance to ensure that they are kept in good condition and free from scratches and scuffs.

When searching for the right finish you can ask for help from one of the many online websites that sell this product and from the expert at the hardware store that you can visit.

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  1. Don’t believe i would go with the crystal Leather or glass, but i have to say when it comes to a kitchen. Door knobs on the cabinets does make a big difference in the looks. And you are right It is something that we should all pay close attention too. Those little details can make a big difference.
    Thank Stuart and blessing to you.

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