The Tools You Need for Plumbing at Home

For most people, taking care of your plumbing at home is as simple as unclogging a toilet. However, there is actually a lot more that a regular Joe can do in terms of plumbing. A lot of the more seemingly complex tasks of hired plumbers can be done at home if you have the right tools. Things aren’t as difficult as they seem.

The reason why you should consider learning the tricks of the trade for do-it-yourself plumbing is because sometimes there are houses that just have really bad pipes. Plumbing issues may be a consistent problem in your home, and the cost of the plumber is often more than most people would want to pay. If you find that your home is experiencing a lot of plumbing problems, it may be time to just learn how to take care of it yourself.

Plumbing tools

Plumbing tools

What you will need for the most common plumbing mishap is a plunger. It never hurts to keep one around the home. For the more intricate stuff on the other hand, you will need a good set of plumber’s tools:

• Pipe Wrench: You will need these to handle all of the pipes involved in plumbing. For more difficult jobs, you will likely be working with pipes.

• Plumber’s Pliers: These pliers are most commonly used for holding pipes steady while work is being done. They are of a great usefulness to those who do their plumbing work solo.

• Basin Wrench: This is used to pry off the tightly twisted nuts and bolts involved in plumbing repair; more specifically, the ones under your sink. Because the work under a sink is often done at an awkward position, the basin wrench is made to help conform and make the job a little easier.

• Tape: Though it may sound cheap coming from a professional, if the tools for an immediate leak are not readily available, tape may be your best option for a quick band aid.

• Pipe Cleaners: The title of this tool really says it all. They are used to clean out pipes, which can prove to be extremely helpful for clogs.

• Nuts & Bolts: They often need replacing, so keeping some spares around doesn’t really hurt.

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