Tips For Pressure Washing Even In The Cold Weather

Those who are experience using commercial pressure washers know that having ice in the washer could destroy it. Water once frozen expands to about 9% and that means if water is left in the pressure washer and it froze, that could very well damage the internal components of the washer.

Here are tips on how you can prepare the industrial pressure washer in preparation for the cold months. You will also learn what the coldest temperature should be that will still allow you to operate the machine.

Tips For Pressure Washing Even In The Cold Weather

Tips For Pressure Washing Even In The Cold Weather

If it becomes freezing or about to freeze outside, make sure you move it in a place that’s warm and dry. If it’s in a place that’s constricted in space, place a heater there so it will stay warm. You can put a halogen bulb with 500-wattage and aim it at the pump so it won’t freeze. If there’s no place to keep it to stay warm, then you have to run warm water continually through it or perhaps cover it up with a tarp and hopefully it would prevent it from freezing up.

You can use an anti-freeze to protect your pressure washer. You can wash it out with an anti-freeze from your car or your RV is rated with the common and lowest temperatures from the area you’re in. Flushing the machine with anti-freeze is easy.

Just pour it in the float tank’ then activate the pressure washer and this will defend all the internal components in the float tank. As for the uploader line pump its trigger every 2 minutes or so to activate it and release. You can also use it separately through its chemical hose line. You can recycle the anti-freeze.

As for its operation during the cold weather, make sure you follow what is the safe lowest temperature as any temperature lower than that is already unsafe and could damage the washer. It depends on the capabilities of your machine and also with the wind condition. 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit is safe for the no-wind condition and for hot water operations only. Don’t operate your pressure washer if it doesn’t work with hot water during this weather.

For windy days, if the temperature falls below 34 degrees Fahrenheit, you must keep your pressure washer even if it operates in hot water. That’s because even with hot water, the water will turn to ice when it leaves the washer and that can cause problems and conditions that are hazardous. Read more pressure washer reviews here before buying a pressure washer!

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