Top Homeowner Tips for Preventing Water Damage

Water is an important part in our living as far as healthy life and clean environment are concerned. We use water in our daily lives to clean, wash and many other things.

However, there are those situations that water poses potential risks to your property. Water damage is a common case in a home. It does not only occur during the wet seasons but also during the warm days. Heavy rain can result to water damage just like a problem in your plumbing system will do.

Top Homeowner Tips for Preventing Water Damage

Top Homeowner Tips for Preventing Water Damage

No matter the case, it is particularly pertinent to plan in advance for such situations. Discussed herein are top homeowner tips for preventing water damage.

Check your plumbing system

Most water damage cases result from leaking pipes and faucets. Ensure to check your water pipes and faucets on a regular basis for possible leaks. Water appliances like refrigerator, bathtub, dishwater, washing machine, water heaters and sinks should also be maintained well.

Check your roofs

Leaking roofs are also a source of water damage. Regular checking is recommended in order to ensure that your roof is safe. Ensure there is no build up of leaves on your roof. Hanging branches above your home should be cut. This is because in case they fall the damage the roof, which may result to water leaks.

Install devices for detecting leakages

There are different water alarms and detection systems in the market. These handy devices can help to reduce cases of water damage in your home. They are installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms to help alert in case of a leakage. Some systems automatically shut off water supply if a leakage is detected.

What to do in case of a flood

Shut off water supply

When you home is flooded, the first thing is to look out for the source and shut off the water supply. You must also ensure that your power lines are switched off. It is advisable to wear puncture resistant gloves and boots to stay safe from sharp objects and electric shock. You must then start extracting water from the area.

Keeping your property safe

  1. The next step is to ensure that your property is safe. Remove out those items that can be carried easily and quickly. You can use blocks to lift up your furniture off the floor. Scraps are also effective in keep your furniture safe from water damage.
  2. Water can also cause damage on you carpet by destroying the fabrics. You must be careful when lifting your carpet off the tacks strips since they have sharp nails that can injure you. Make sure to remove the wet padding and dispose it off since it takes time to dry. Consequently, it might ruin your carpet by creating mold.
  3. Put out to dry those items that are wet. This includes clothes, cushions and other rugs. Move your photos, valuable paintings and art objects to a dry place.
  4. Having a water powered sump pump installed in your house can help stop a lot of water damage before it becomes a problem. It pulls the water away from the house keeping it dry.

In conclusion, it is particularly important to stay alert and prepared for water damage. You must also seek the services of a professional plumber to fix your plumbing problems. This way, you will stay safe from water damage and protect your property.

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