Traditional or Close Coupled Toilets, Which Should You Choose

When designing your new bathroom there are a few things that you need to consider. One is the overall theme that you are going to have, and the second is what kind of toilet you will use.

Now, it may come as a bit of a surprise to you to find out that you can have a traditional Victorian toilet or choose a close coupled WC toilet. The traditional toilet is just like the old ones where the water tank is high up above the actual seat and you have to pull the little chain in order to flush.

Traditional or Close Coupled Toilets, Which Should You Choose

Traditional or Close Coupled Toilets, Which Should You Choose

The closed coupled toilet is what everyone is used to seeing these days with the water tank directly attached to the back of the toilet itself. Now, deciding between these two styles isn’t going to be all that difficult for most. People are generally looking to keep that modern feel they have known and loved all of their lives, but there are those that prefer to keep with the look of their themed bathroom, and that is where the traditional toilet can come into play.

You should know that it is a bit more difficult to hook up and install the traditional toilets. You basically have to run the water line up to the tank, and most bathrooms have the water line coming out pretty close to where the toilet sits on the floor. But if you are redoing the entire bathroom, then it’s just a matter of running a few extra feet of pipe, and that shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to do. You have to look at the aspect of maintenance as well. Maintaining the interior aspects of a traditional tank can be difficult.

Everyone has had the chain come off the handle when they flush their toilet. Now, imagine you have to get a step stool out in order to reach up into the tank to fix it. That can be an issue that you may not want to go through. Of course, if you have a themed bathroom that requires a traditional toilet you could end up seeing a huge increase in the profit of selling your home.

A lot of people really love this aspect of a bathroom. Whatever way you look at it, you have to make the final decision on what kind of toilet you use and, as long as you enjoy it, then there is no reason to go with anything else.

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