Various Bathroom Styles

Redesigning your bathroom can be exciting because there are a variety of different themes, appliances, and suits available! Replacing bathroom suites, even on a budget, is more affordable than ever! Whether you are remodeling a small bathroom with very limited space, or a very spacious bathroom that may be hard to fill, you can find everything you need and more, you just need to be mindful of several things!

Smaller bathrooms

For those with limited space, remodeling may seem futile however replacing bathroom suites in smaller spaces is quite simple. There are many different types of bathroom suites that are designed with smaller features to make your bathroom feel much larger and more spacious without sacrificing convenience and style.

Various Bathroom Styles

Various Bathroom Styles

Larger bathrooms

Designing for a more spacious bathroom can be just as difficult because you need to use the space wisely without creating a space that feels disjointed and not uniform. Additionally furniture pieces need to be proportionate with the bathroom so using larger pieces of furniture and larger features in the actual bathroom itself will create a more harmonious space.

Colourful Bathrooms

Those with more eclectic or modern tastes might prefer colourful bathrooms as opposed to a more “bland” or simple one. If you are going for a brighter appearance then there are several ways you can do that. First, choosing the wall colors is a big decision because a darker color can be used for a larger bathroom whereas with a smaller bathroom you will want to stick with a lighter color. Additionally you can buy colourful bathroom sets to match your theme or you can purchase various décor items from different makers to get a unique and eccentric feel!

Regal Bathrooms

More sophisticated and regal bathrooms are quickly coming back in style and you will find a number of houses and apartments with more elegant bathroom suites. Unlike with colourful bathrooms that usually need to be done with paints and décor, regal bathrooms can be perfectly accented by the actual suite. Gold cross head taps, free standing bath tubs, stone flooring, and elegant bathroom sinks will give your bathroom a more sophisticated feel. Additionally you can design with elegance in mind on a budget with some simple modifications!

Designing bathrooms is a way to completely express yourself and your style in a functional and unique way. Updating your bathroom suite is a great way to create a whole new feel and to ensure that the overall design is exactly what you want whether you are going for modern, colourful, regal, or something completely different altogether!

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